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Vinyl Floors Niceville

Vinyl Floors Niceville

PROJECT: Vinyl Floors Niceville

Location: Niceville, Florida


One of our past clients came back to APEX Design and Remodeling  to update their old floors with vinyl flooring Niceville. Below you will find some pictures of the remodeling project.

Let’s chat and discuss rental property renovation Niceville project, get a free concept design, and project bid.

Flooring Niceville


  1. Demo of old flooring and update/repair of underlayment.
  2. Replace flooring with new vinyl flooring.
  3. New baseboards and quarter round.



Vinyl flooring, celebrated for its perfect combination of style and resilience, serves as an excellent choice for homeowners aiming for both visual charm and functionality. Vinyl is renowned for its outstanding durability, handling the frequent demands of busy areas within a home with ease. It also boasts impressive resistance to moisture and stains, making it an ideal selection for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

The installation process for vinyl flooring is notably efficient, minimizing disruption during home upgrades. Vinyl offers a wide variety of designs and textures, allowing it to blend effortlessly with different decor styles.

Furthermore, vinyl is a cost-effective flooring option. Its affordability, along with its prolonged durability, provides great value, ensuring that your investment in home renovations pays off both aesthetically and practically. Thus, opting for vinyl flooring can be a strategic move that significantly enhances the functionality and beauty of your residential spaces.

To learn more about our Premier floor supplier see their corporate website here –> Mannington Floors


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