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Laminate Floor Renovation-Mannington

Laminate Floor Renovation Mannington Floors

PROJECT: Laminate Floor Renovation-Mannington Floors

Location: Niceville, Florida


  1. Product Selection
  2. Subfloor 
  3. Laminate flooring
  4. Fast Turnaround Time

Our client chose our Premier Brand of flooring: Mannington Floors.

Laminate Floor Renovation-Mannington Floors


The client had already had their home renovated and it looked beautiful, and they came to us in need of new flooring. When installing floors it’s important to take into consideration the subfloor and which type of flooring will work best while always giving the look and feel that the client wants. 

Our client choose our Mannington Flooring product line because of their quality, many choices, and great price.  Below you will find a few pictures of the project.

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Have you seen Mannington Floors on HGTV? Watch and see the quality here. HGTV MANNINGTON FLOORS

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