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Even if your home perfectly captures your style and comfort, you may eventually find yourself needing more space. Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of a new child, making room for a parent, enhancing your home office, or simply requiring additional storage, various lifestyle changes can prompt the desire for an expansion.

Benefits of Home Additions

Relocating to a larger home is one possibility, but it may not always be the most feasible due to financial constraints or family reasons. A home addition offers a practical and adaptable solution, allowing you to creatively expand your living space within your existing property. This option also represents a major home remodeling endeavor that necessitates thorough research and careful planning to ensure success.

Popular Home Additions

Room Addition: Expanding outward by adding new ground-level space is a favored approach among homeowners seeking to increase their home’s square footage, making it more spacious and welcoming.

Bump-Out Addition: An alternative to a full build-out is the kitchen bump-out. Typically extending just two or three feet beyond your existing kitchen, these “micro” additions enhance space without the need for a new foundation.

Garage Conversion: Occasionally, all that’s required to accommodate your current lifestyle needs is a straightforward addition above the garage or an expansion of the garage itself, providing that crucial extra space for your home.


Second Story: Adding a second story to your home or creating living spaces above an existing garage or deck can often be more cost-effective than expanding outward. The affordability of building “up” rather than “out” largely depends on the existing structure of your home.

ADUs: An accessory dwelling unit, or “ADU” is a detached or attached structure built on your property, with its own kitchen and bathroom. Think tiny home or in-law suite


Room Addition Interior Design

Our quality service and clear process is why many chose APEX Design and Remodeling for their Niceville renovation projects.From designing and renovating a single room to undertaking a large-scale home renovation project that you’ll enjoy for years to come, we provide the services needed to bring your dream to life.We have decades of experience designing, planning, understanding the many different building products, construction, and detailed finishing touches.

Our Design and Build Process

What to expect step-by-step from beginning to end

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