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Starting your dream project is easy with our complete turn-key contractor service. We provide a single source of home remodeling services from initial design to the final results. 

We offer a simple and fast interior design process and service to ensure all parties are on the same page before any project starts. This service is at no cost to our clients. Our clients have peace of mind by seeing their future space in life like 3D renders. Talk about bringing your vision to life!

*We also offer a Full Service Interior Design Package for our clients that wish a little more “hands on” approach. Additional fees may apply.

FREE In-Home Consultation

The first step in your home remodeling journey begins by scheduling your FREE in-home design consultation. This will provide the opportunity for one of our project managers to see your space, discuss your vision for your future home, address pain points, and understand the overall scope of work. During the visit, we will also review your time frame, budget, and answer any questions you may have.

Additionally, we will measure and complete a detailed sketch of your space, take a few pictures to share with our design team, and collect any inspiration images or ideas you have saved.



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Planning, Budget, Agreement

Depending on your project scope and based on our home visit, we will determine if an engineer is needed to draft blueprints and obtain local permits and approval.

Depending on the size of your project, an estimate will be provided to you within 5 days.

You will then be presented with a personalized plan that will include your draft design, budget, and scope of work for your project(s). Once accepted, we will begin work with our interior design team, review with product specialists on material needs, and initiate with engineering and permitting teams if required.


Your Interior Design Package

We will invite you into our showroom to begin the process of selecting your finish materials; for instance, flooring, cabinets, and countertops.

You will also receive an interior design questionnaire that you can complete online or we can discuss during your visit. This is needed so our team can truly capture your design style, colors, feel, and more.

Next, we will update your initial draft design to your FINAL design based on your survey responses, inspiration images, feedback, and finishes picked during your showroom visit.

Your APEX Design Package will include: 3D renders, mood boards, and top-down layout images to help you visualize the final outcome. See your material selection paired with the colors and your new layout before any construction begins

  •  Minimum project total required. Please see store for details.
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Final Approval & Ordering

Approve the final design, the construction plan and timeline, and finalize your product selection. Our team will make sure to get any permits required.

Next, place the order for the products that you have selected.

This completes the planning and design stage, and now the construction and renovation can begin. As you can see, we take our time in the beginning to ensure a successful project and a happy client for life!


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