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Custom Stairs and Handrails Niceville

Custom Stairs and Handrails

PROJECT: Custom Stairs and Handrails

Location: Niceville, Florida


  1. Design and Planning
  2. Whole House Renovation
  3. Interior Paint and Trim
  4. Flooring
  5. Retrofit stairways and railing
  6. Custom handrails
  7. Custom woodworking and carpentry

Our client chose our Premium Flooring Mannington for a quality flooring solution. Brand: Mannington Flooring. They matched the flooring with a beautiful kitchen cabinets and countertops. See their full home remodel here

Custom Stairs and Handrails


One of our military service members from Niceville, who was stationed overseas, asked for our help to remodel their home. Even though they were far away, they had already picked out lots of ideas from Pinterest that showed what they wanted their home to look like. With those ideas, we were able to start planning and designing their renovation so that everything would be ready when they returned.

The renovation included a complete makeover of their Niceville home. We updated the kitchen, put in new floors, painted the inside, and even updated the stairs with a retrofit solution, new stairs and custom handrails.

It felt great to work on this project. We love remodeling homes, and being able to do this for a military family made it even more special.

Below, you’ll see some pictures of the project.

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